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60 to 70% Americans are living on Anti-Depression Drugs and India is heading towards it: Expert

April 06, 2017 02:47 PM

Punjab News Express
HYDERABAD: Don't control emotions. Let them flow said Mahesh Hiranandani, MD of Anatta Humanversity who runs addiction treatment centers in Pune

Mahesh together with his wife Vandana Hiranandani were in city for an interactive session with Young FICCI Ladies members on "Game of Emotions"

Nidhi Swarup , YFLO Chairperson welcomed the gathering. YFLO kick started donation of books to government schools. They gave away 800 books to school teachers to set up a library in their respective schools. The books were handed over through the hands of the speaker.

Mahesh and his team has been treating alcoholics, people in depression and those affected and afflicted by Chemical Dependency using Meditation and Counseling.

We don't use any drugs to treat our clients. We don't call them patients. Mahesh described their treatment as "medication to meditation".

We have three centers in Pune. We treat only one client at a time in a very private and luxurious environment, he informed. The average treatment though it depends on the problems varies 6 to 10 weeks. We charge anywhere between Rs 1.5 lakhs to 6 lacks per month. We have treated 250 clients In a span of 7 years, Mahesh disclosed.

Our treatment is voluntary, Non-Medical. We don't pick up clients with force, he informed. Our success rate has been 70% since the year 2009. Earlier when we started in 2003 it was just 30%.

95% of addiction centers in India are involuntary centers. They pick up clients much against their wishes with the help of pick up squads. De-addiction centers cannot pick up a customer or patients without a court permission. But, still many centers work like that, informed Mahesh and Vandana.

Elaborating about the prevalence of depression, anxiety problem in the society the couple said
60 to 70% Americans are living on Anti-Depression Drugs and India is heading towards such situation. The stress is becoming unmanageable due to modern lifestyles and long hours of working. Medication is the last resort in dealing depression or de-addiction, they said

We need more centers like ours to deal the existing problem. India should need at least 200 luxurious de-addiction centers like ours. There are many rehabilitation centers in India for common people. Kripa Foundation with 40 centers across India is doing a good job. But, that is not sufficient. We need 500 more such centers to address the problem, Mahesh told.

I am willing to train people free of cost, so that they also set up centers like ours. I like competition; he told

Speaking about the role of Government, Mahesh said Government must create more awareness about a de-addiction and handling depression. There should be an education in schools like the sex education is taught, he shared

The YFLO interactive session was well attended by over 100 members


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