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4 Unique Facts about Kolkata

June 02, 2017 03:20 PM

Punjab News Express
MUMBAI : Simon Majumdar, a British-American author said, “Kolkata is like an ex-girlfriend who you know is bad for you, but about whom you cannot stop thinking. But, then, just as you think you are finally over her, she does something so utterly alluring, so impossibly irresistible, you find yourself falling in love again.”

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkatais not only about fish, roshogollas and Durga Puja as there are many amazing factsrelated to the city which will leave you astonished. Here is a rundown of some interesting facts about Kolkata which you’d be surprised to know. Off we go, then:

1. There is a ‘Father of Roshogollas/Rasgulla’= Whenever you think of Kolkata, you think about “roshogollas”— that syrupy sweet of Bengal which is enough to melt both your heart and taste buds. But do you know who the inventor or father of Rasgulla is? It is believed, Sri Nobin Chandra Das, who was a confectioner in Kolkata, is the father of rasgulla. One fine morning, a merchant came to his shop and asked for a glass of water. In his true Bengali hospitality, Nobin offered a glass of water along with roshogollas. The merchant liked the sweet,so much that he bought it in a large quantity for his family and friends. Much before Nobin Das brought roshogolla to Kolkata, it was already popular in Orissa. But Nobin modified the recipe of rasgullas to increase their lifespan, and as a result, it became a lot spongier than it was originally.

2. Where strangers are friends= Unlike other cities, where people are so busy in their lives that they hardly get time to interact even with their loved ones, Kolkata is the place where there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet!As said by Tahir Shah,a Pakistani singer and music producer, “Calcutta is the only city I know where you are actively encouraged to stop strangers at random for a quick chat.”

3. Ghost can be your metro companion= All those who have watched Vidya Balan starrer Kahaani and are afraid of travelling through the metro train, shouldn’t read further. Around two years back, a metro motorman used the emergency brakes ona train as he had seen a ghost in the tunnel a few distances away from the Rabindra SarobarMetro station. Even there are stories of people seeing frightening images of figures vanishing with the last train of the day.

4. What’s in a name: Though, the name of Calcutta was changed to Kolkata in 2001, still many people prefer to call it Calcutta. But there is a bizarre explanation behind the city’s erstwhile name. Once upon a time, a British merchant, Job Charnock was travelling through the area when he saw a peasant stacking hay into the barn.

Oblivious to the location, the merchant asked the peasant about the name of the area around Hooghly river. Unfortunately, that peasant did not understand his question due to language issues and guessed that the merchant wanted to know when he harvested his paddy. He proudly said, “Kal Kata hoe chhilo”, which means, “harvested yesterday” (kal= yesterday, kata= harvest) butJob Charnock thought that the name of the place is Calcutta.

Oh Kolkata! We can never seem to get enough of this amazing city. Presenting a perfect amalgamation of tradition and contemporary styles, Kolkata is a city where life is neithertoo fast nor slow.You can call it a city of paradise, but there is no escaping to its charm. So, when there is so much left to explore, there is no reason of not including Kolkata in your next travel plan.

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