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Revival of Cancer Survivors through Permanent Makeup

December 15, 2016 12:07 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH : Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful. Especially when it comes to women, looking beautiful is an integral part of their being. This boosts their morale giving them all the confidence. A woman who is confident sheds her insecurities, she becomes more daring, self-assured, courageous; she finds she can do anything. Her life improves in every way. But when this integral part of theirs is affected in any way, no matter how strong they are, it is quite demoralizing for women.
Cancer is one such noxious disease that shudders the life of a person completely. It brings along the highest degree of trauma and pain that one cannot even take. It takes away the desire to live from an individual. Many people lose their lives to cancer terribly. Though a ray of hope has appeared in the recent times, as there has been much advancement in medical science that has made possible the treatment of this life taking disease. But even the treatment and the medicines to cure cancer are very deleterious. It causes major physical problems including hair loss. Even the eyebrows, that provide a frame to a person’s face, are burnt because of the side effects of chemotherapy.
To help those who have fought back cancer bravely, the beauty magician Mrs. Gunjan Gaur has taken an initiative introducing the concept of “permanent makeup to female cancer survivors”. The females, who have lost their eyebrows during the treatment, can get them back with the help of permanent makeup.
Eyebrows provide a framework and completion to the face. They play a vital role in adding to the beauty of the face and an overall appearance of an individual. And when such a foremost part of the face is affected, it is quite natural for a woman to feel insecure about her looks. Women, who have faced so much suffering and pain during the cancer treatment, are already low on confidence since it is extremely difficult for them to get back to their normal life. It is difficult for them to even recognize themselves. And for a person to lose their identity is probably the most bizarre thing possible.
Mrs. Gunjan Gaur has taken this step forward to support these women by giving them back their identities, their confidence boosting their morale. She strongly believes that the physical pain of these survivors cannot be cured or helped by us but we can definitely help them fight it by providing them mental peace and a little joy. To bring this initiative into action, she recently undertook a workshop on giving permanent makeup to female cancer survivors in the South Extension premises of ALPS Beauty Clinic.
On this Occasion Gunjan shared her insight that “As we all know, cancer kills an individual’s desire to live a happy and normal life as there are less people who are be able to survive after the treatment also. And those who are able to survive are the ones; have to live with cancer aftermath affects. This entire phase requires a lot of strength as this disease kills the person not only physically but it also exhausts them mentally. We really have no idea what immense pain they would have gone through. It is even beyond what we can think of.”
She further added, “I had always wanted to get myself involved into helping people and that is why started off with this campaign. When I finally did it on these strong & beautiful ladies, I felt that I have grown as both a professional and an individual. The happiness on their faces filled my soul with contentment. I am just very happy that I could use my professional skills to bring a difference in anyone’s life. And the myriad blessings I have received have made me feel complete as a professional.”
Permanent makeup beautifies and rectifies the eyebrows permanently. It is a highly effective technique that takes care of all the special beauty requirements, that too in a highly economical manner. With Permanent Beauty Solutions, one can look more attractive and get rid of everyday usage of makeup with no side effects. This process will highlight the looks and one feels confident as it appears appealing to others eyes. Mrs. Gaur also enlightened people about the process of permanent makeup and other aspects of it during the workshop stated as follows:

Permanent eyebrows- She suggested that permanent eyebrows are the only solution for the cancer survivors who have lost their eyebrows during chemotherapy. If the normal eyebrow pencil is used to create the look, it would rub off within half an hour. Where as permanent eyebrows will last for more than 10 years.
To eradicate myth- There are several myths which long with permanent makeup. For instance- people feel fear to have permanent make up as they think they will go through extreme pain, which actually is not true. Mrs Gunjan Gaur has made them understand the intensity of pain. She said “It was essential to break the myths and counsel them well because they are still under the trauma from their treatment. She explained to them that they will only feel a pinch of pain while going through the process.
How to start the process- This process is a combination of art and science. We use German needles and colors in order to do this. There are no side effects of permanent make up. A slight redness appears after the completion of the process, which fades after 15 to 20 minutes. People who have light colored eyebrows or have less hair in their brows are more inclined towards getting this done.
No words to thank- After rediscovering the lost self, the survivors were quite delighted with the results. “I can’t believe my eyes. Due to chemotherapy, my hair got burned and I was way too embarrassed to go out. I used to make eyebrows with eyebrow pencil which usually got rubbed within a hour.” said Nidhi one of the cancer survivors. Added to this, Ritika said “All thanks to Gunjan! God bless her. Initially I was so horrified to undergo into the treatment, but I got convinced by Gunjan and finally I got back my beautiful frame.
Endless Journey – This is not the first time first Gunjan has done an event like this. She has taken many initiatives like these including ‘Pink Rahagiri Campaign’. She is more than keen to continue doing such work and earn countless blessings from people.

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