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Innocent Hearts students show great enthusiasm during Sports Day

December 28, 2017 10:30 AM

Punjab News Express/ SK.Vyas
JALANDHAR: Sports day was held for the students of Class I to VII in Innocent Hearts School (Cantt. Jandiala Road) where a number of events were conducted. The day began with the unfurling of sports flag and the students did the march-past. Subsequently, the balloons were released to declare the event open. On this event, Shelly Bowry - Executive Director Schools and Aradhna Bowry Executive Director Colleges were present.

The students of class I participated in - 50 m race, obstacle race, banana race and a relay race where Aarav, Sarthak, Navjot, Aarush, Lakshita, Amanpreet and Divyanshi bagged the first position. Events for Class II students were 100 m race, Shipping Race, Balloon race, Obstacle Race; the first position was achieved by Naksh, Bhavya, German nat and Janya Gandhi. Event for class III was Hurdle Race; Class IV - Ring Race and Lemon Race was organized for class V students, where Karan and Avneet achieved the first position in class III events.Divyam and Simran- Class IV and Gurpreet Singh in class V bagged the first position in the events organized for their respective classes. Thread and Needle Race (Class VI), Relay Race and Matka Race for class VII were organized. Maulik and Heena of class VI, Pavan, Varun Rakshit, Mohd. Shoaib and Arpita in class VII got the first position in the events organized for them. Certificates were awarded to the winners. Madam Shelly and Aradhna congratulated the winners and motivated them. Incharge- Mrs. Sonali and Neelu told the students that along with the studies they should participate in sports too, to stay fit and healthy.


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