Election 2017

BJP buries legacy of legendary actor Vinod Khanna who won Gurdaspur seat four times

October 08, 2017 02:32 PM

By Satinder Bains
CHANDIGARH: The Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) in the run up for Gurdaspur Lok Sabha poll has quitely buried the legacy of legendary actor Vinod Khanna who died recently and had won the Gurdaspur seat four times in a row. His death has caused bye-election in the backward consituency on border of Punjab.

The BJP has not only denied ticket to Kavita Khanna widow of Vinod Khanna but has failed to acknowledge the achievements of Vinod Khanna who worked hard for development of the constituency. So much so BJP has not remembered Vinod Khanna even on his birthday on October 6. Khanna was instrumental in building a vital bridge over Beas connecting Gurdaspur with Mukerian besides other half a dozen other bridges, getting him a name of "Pullan Wala Khanna".

BJP has fielded a businessman Swaran Salaria who is based in Mumbai and in the thick of controversy over registration of alleged rape case against him. Salaria a former Congress leader had joined BJP in 2014 with the hope of getting Lok Sabha ticket. But party fielded Vinod Khanna at the last moment which infuruated Salaria. This is the reason Salaria put the legacy of Vinod Khanna on the back burner and projected himself a saviour of the people of Gurdaspur. He had even threatened to contest as an independent in 2014 but pacified by the party.

People of Gurdaspur had indeed voted for Khanna in the four Lok Sabha elections not for BJP or its alliance partner SAD. People of this area have obligation of Khanna who put used his personal clout to change the demography of the district for ever. The river over Satluj was boon for the cane growers to transport their produce to Mukerian sugar mill thus giving an economic boost to farmers.He wanted to develop a lake across river and develop as tourism spot but his death stalled the project.

Though BJP has made a turn about and told party workers not to mention the name of Vinod Khanna in election meetings but his wife Kavita is keeping her husbands's legacy alive. The legendary actor will live in the hearts of people for ever.

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