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Rayat Bahra Ropar campus faculty, students pedal with Arvind Mishra

February 23, 2017 04:26 PM

Punjab News Express
ROPAR: Noted environmentalist Arvind Mishra on his Trans-India Cycling Campaign for creating environment awareness visited Rayat Bahra Ropar campus on Thursday. After reaching Rayat Bahra campus and talking about his cycling journey, Arvind said he aimed to travel 10,000 kms across India to spread awareness on climate change. He has set a goal to talk about the importance of sustainable development and living to as many Indians as possible. He started from Delhi on February 19 and is now headed for Kashmir and will end his journey in Kanyakumari.
Joining the cycle rally at Ropar entrance, Dr Suresh Seth, Campus Director and Dr Ajay Goyal, Director, Engineering College, members of Cycling Club, Sri Anandpur Sahib along with their president Major Ranjit Singh and a group of 50 students and faculty members of Rayat Bahra Ropar campus pedaled 10 kms with Arvind Mishra to Rayat Bahra Ropar campus.
During his expert talk, Arvind said, “C-Negative movement is a very personal optimized equation of my life. I have wanted to become a lifetime wanderer. The experiences during injury period and the strong desire to do something about raising awareness on climate change led me to form the idea of Trans India cycling, which is a solution centric ‘Travel and Talk’ programme that aspires to make people self-conscious and convert one million Indians into carbon negative citizens. This is made practically possible by signing a C-Negative charter at an individual level or organizational level to eliminate, reduce, and offset our own carbon footprints. C-Negative Charter is a systematically designed blueprint and ratifying to it requires just a nominal amount of emotional depth towards our climate.”
During the course of his journey, he intends to conduct 300 talks in major universities like IIT-Kanpur, IIM-Ahmadabad, TIFR-Bangalore, IIT-Guwahati, and 500 corporate houses. In the same context he is visiting Rayat Bahra Ropar campus today. His primary focus is, however, “connecting with village communities, individuals, and rural groups or panchayat level to spread awareness on the necessity of resilient societies in fast changing climatic conditions,” says Prof Suresh Seth, Campus Director.
A man who dons multiple hats, Arvind probably wouldn’t tire of talking to people and giving lectures on this subject – after all, he holds a Guinness World Record for giving the longest marathon lecture on Scientific Computations, which lasted 139 hours and 42 minutes.
After his spinal injury in 2010, which left him with degenerated L4 and L5 discs, a damaged thecal sac, it took him four years to get back on the saddle and begin cycling again. It was during his recovery, he became passionate about leading a sustainable life in harmony with nature. Thus the idea of the “Travel and Talk” began, informed Dr Ajay Goyal, Director (Engineering).
Keen to practise what he preaches, he has ensured that the entire journey will run on solar energy. A kit provided by Voltech Systems is powering his laptop, camera, and phone, thereby contributing zilch to carbon emissions.
He hopes to reach at least a million citizens in India, so he can change their minds and their lifestyles. After the conclusion of his talk, Arvind Mishra along with other dignitaries planted five Peepal and Neem trees in the campus

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