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NSS unit of RBU visited destitute home Prabh Aasra

March 17, 2017 01:16 PM

Punjab News Express
MOHALI : NSS Unit of Rayat Bahra University School of Engineering & Technology (USET), visited Prabh Aasra, the destitute home Padiala. A team of NSS volunteers of USET, reached the Prabh Aasra to meet the physically & mentally disabled persons &have an interaction with them. They tried to dissolve their problems & cheered them up for performing certain joyful activities. Inmates seemed to be stresfree after getting affection & care from NSS volunteers.To arouse the feelings for selfless service, concern for the less fortunate & universal brotherhood, students were made to interact with the orphan children, physically /mentally challenged children and disserted elderly.

This interaction helped the NSS students understand the problems being faced by them. Eatables were distributed among the inmates of the Prabh Aasra. The volunteers performed many activities like dancing, singing, and many interactive games to entertain the orphanage children. NSS Unit also donated various essential items like slippers, surf, harpic, oil, tooth paste and brush to the orphanage home, sweets to the children. They also performed cleanliness drive at the ground meant for playing and growing vegetables. Then the unit departed after conducting a cleanliness drive of the home.


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