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Northern command summer adventure camp 2017 culminates

June 11, 2017 12:05 PM

Punjab News Express/SK.Vyas
JALANDHAR: Every parent’s concern in today’s world is to find the best way for their child to spend his/ her free time during summer breaks. These summer breaks can be used by the children to play and have fun, while some take this as an opportunity to hone their studies and learn new skills. Experts in the field believe that, only one single activity, which gets kids outside to have fun as well as to learn lifelong skills is known as Camp. The lessons beyond the classroom, importance of appreciating the nature, building confidence and leadership skills all are imbibed at single location of Camp.
As Life Adventure, team work, camaraderie and espirit-de-corps are some of the words synonymous with life in the Army and to inculcate these in the children, Northern Command conducted a Summer Adventure Camp for wards of Service personnel and Civil Defence employees. The camp was organised at the hill town of Bakloh in Himachal Pradesh under the Dah Division from 05 June to 10 June 2017 excluding the arrival and departure days for children of two age groups between 11 to 15 years and 15 to 18 years.
Summer Adventure Camp 2017 for the children of service personal was inaugurated by Brigadier Dependra Manrai on 05 Jun 2017 in a colourful and simple ceremony at Bakloh, an old 4th Gorkha Regimental Center. The lamp was lit by two youngest campers and followed by the release of pigeons by the campers.
The team building commenced right away with syndicating of the campers into four mixed houses, consisting of 20 campers each. Camp Setting & demonstration of the rescue activities were the highlights of the forenoon. The children practiced a number of life saving & SOS activities. In the evening the campers were given a feel of an array of infantry weapon systems. The evening culminated into a thrilling adventurous trek to Kali Mata Mandir in the adjoining hills of Bakloh. The campers of the Northern Command Summer Adventure Camp participated in Run for Fun, with the Central Theme of the Camp, the "SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN", being at forefront. In order to inculcate a sense of belongingness with the Army, the campers were exposed to a presentation on the achievements & history of our glorious Army.
A symposium was also conducted wherein speakers from each house displayed their communication skills on important topics of national importance. This symposium also saw an active participation from the children of Army Public School Bakloh Cantonment and Kendriya Vidhyalaya Bakloh Cantonment. The campers were first given a demo by the ‘Purvaiyas’ and thereafter the children practiced and honed their skills. The idea behind introduction to the battle obstacle course to the campers was to inculcate the habit of staying fit both mentally and physically and to make an endeavour to excel in the activity in which taking part.
The vibrant and adventurous participants of the Northern Command Adventure Camp also visited, The Mini Switzerland, as Khajjiar, a popular hill station about 26 kilometres North of Dalhousie is known as. The campers made a canvas of natural beauty, memories of which will linger in their minds forever. The budding josh machines also engaged in various adventure and fun activities like Sack Race, Tug of war, Photography and Musical chair competition followed by an exotic lunch in the picturesque folds of Khajjiar. This trip was made more memorable by the journey involved from Bakloh to Khajjiar. The campers spent time with each other and came to know about each other in an informal way.
The General Officer Commanding, Dah Division attended the impressive Closing Ceremony of the event. The rich and varied Indian cultural heritage was showcased in the event. In order to showcase our cultural diversity, the children were treated to a mesmerising and hypnotic musical extravaganza in the form of Dhamaal dance by the Vir Purvaiyas. As the camp was conducted in Himachal, so the event could not have been completed without dance performance from the Dev Bhumi Himachal. A local dance troupe performed to the delight of the children and showcased the rich Himachali culture. A cultural program was conducted and coordinated solely by the campers, which was a grand and colourful extravaganza with a mix of spirit, choreographed fusion & modern / western dances, group songs and instrumental performances. All the campers were awarded Certificates of Participation and the Certificates of Excellence on excelling in a particular activity during the course of the conduct of the camp.
At the end of the one week the children have inculcated a spirit of adventure, explorative inquisitiveness leading to development of self confidence and learning spirit with the ultimate aim of making them better citizens of India. The conduct of the Summer Adventure camp was planned in such a way so as to facilitate awareness, value addition, discovery, fortitude, versatility and amusement, all essential pre requisites for developing a young child into a responsible citizen of the country. The end result of the camp was aimed to achieve learning, bonhomie, adventure, amusement and awareness - among the children.


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