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First ever lecture in world stressing generalization of Newtons’ laws in Chitkara University

September 24, 2015 03:18 PM

Punjab News Express/Vijyender Sharma
SHIMLA : A impressive lecture was delivered on generalization of indomitable 327 years old Newtons’ law and 2265 years old Archimedes principle by Assistant Director Ajay Sharma at Chitkara University Solan. This lecture was arranged by university authorities in program ‘Lecture Series of Resonance Physics Club.’ This lecture was based on Sharma’s two books published from Cambridge, England titled “ Beyond Newton and Archimedes , and Beyond Einstein and E=mc2.” Both these books are with Secretary Science and Technology, Govt of India , Professor Ashutosh Sharma for evaluation since past 8 months for evaluation.

Newton did not discover the second law of Motion.

Sharma showered arguments to confirm that the Newton’s Second Law of Motion taught in 220 countries, was never given by Newton. Newton second law of motion is given by Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler after 48 years death of Newton in 1775. Newton died in 1727.

While answering the questions of the audience Sharma showed the pages 19-29 of the book Principia written by Newton in 1687. Sharma showed the paper E479, page 223 published in the website of Mathematical Association of America, Washington to confirm that Euler discovered Newton’s Second Law of Motion. These documents confirm Euler gave Newton’s second law of motion, and never by Newton.

On this topic Ajay Sharma had delivered a lecture in USA July 2014 in the Euler Society Conference, Washington. Professor Robert Bradley , President of the Society appreciated Sharma’s research in writing.

The inadequacy of Third Law of Motion

In clear cut words Sharma called Third Law of Motion given by Isaac Newton, President of Royal Society, London inadequate and not supported by experiments in all cases. According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion “to every action there is equal and opposite reaction.”

This law was given by Newton in the Principia (1687) at page no.20. Its inadequacy becomes transparent here. This law does not account for the inherent characteristics, nature and composition of reacting bodies. In this action and reaction law the behavior of bodies of cotton or cloth, spring , rubber and iron bodies must be the same. But it is not justified experimentally.

If a rubber ball and cloth ball are thrown on the wall with same force (action). Then after striking the rubber ball rebounds quickly than cloth ball. Thus contrary to Newton third law, the reaction is not same in both cases. Thus third law is generalized
“To every action there is opposite reaction, but it may or may not be equal always.”

In Chitkara University Ajay Sharma’s two hours lecture has been video recorded. It will also available in the U-Tube.Generalization of 2265 years old Archimedes principle In the last part of lecture 2265 years old Archimedes principle was modified .The main reason for the generalization of the principle is that it blatantly ignores the SHAPE of body. In the mathematical equations based upon Archimedes principle there is NO factor which may account for the shape of body.
Let us assume that a steel sphere and umbrella shaped body are dropped in drum of water. According to mathematical equations based on Archimedes principle, both bodies must reach at bottom at the same time. Contrary to this the spherical body reaches bottom quickly and umbrella shaped body after longer time. Thus this observation is contradictory to predictions of Archimedes principle.

The contradiction from Archimedes principle can be removed by generalizing the principle. According to generalized form of the principle , a new factor comes in mathematical equations. This factor accounts for the SHAPE of body. Thus steel sphere falls quickly than umbrella shaped body.
Prayer to Hon’ble PM and Minister of Science and Technology.

It is pertinent to mention that Sharma’s both books Beyond Newton and Archimedes and Beyond Einstein and E=mc2 have sent by Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan to Secretary DST, Professor Ashutosh Sharma for evaluation. Sharma is waiting for the report since past eight months. Sharma requests, open , transparent and video recorded seminars like this, so that all may know the truth of ideas.

Ajay Sharma maintains that his work is published thousands miles away in USA and Europe after recommendations of scientists after evaluation. It is confident India will become superpower and vishwaguru in fundamental laws of Physics on the strength of his work.

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