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Lecture on Art of Mind Control organized at Guru Nanak Dev University

April 19, 2017 10:58 AM

Punjab News Express/S K.Vyas
AMRITSAR : A guest lecture was organized by Department of Education of Guru Nanak Dev University for the students on “Art of Mind Control”. The guest lecture was delivered by His Grace Sachinandan Prabhu, a devotee of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).
Professor Amit Kauts, Head of the department, began the session by emphasizing the importance of balanced development among students as the present education system emphasizes more on mental/ intellectual development. Physical development and spiritual development is badly lacking that is why our youth is suffering from anxiety, depression, mental stress and frustration ultimately leading to value erosion in society.
His Grace, Sachinandan Prabhu while delivering the lecture on Mind control explained the significance of education in individual’s life and considered it the most powerful tool to control the mind. He further added that intelligence is the crucial factor which commands the mind to distinguish between good and evil. While describing the analogy of mind and soul, he described that soul is the driver, not the car itself, so we should rather take care of soul by feeding the soul not the car.He focused on chanting as one of the most effective strategies to control the mind which helps in strengthens the intellect to distress our life.
Dr. Deepa Sikand Kauts, Associate Professor, department of Education, while reflecting on the lecture, laid importance on the power of knowledge. Dr. Franky Rani, the coordinator of the program, thanked the eminent speaker for sharing valuable thoughts over the art of mind control and a whole team of ISKCON.

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