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SSGD-Bollywood Beats introduce "authentic Garba" dance in Indianapoli

September 18, 2019 01:19 PM

NDIANAPOLIS: Garba folk dance of India has made its mark in Indianapolis. A Grade-1 course was conducted by world's largest authentic  Garba Dance School, known as the Soni's School of Garba Dance. SSGD director Suhrad Soni said it was "our maiden appearance in Indianapolis and other cities of Indiana. It was on the invitation of Bollywood Beats (owned by Jenny Bhupatkar Chakrabarti)."
Beech Grove based Bollywood Beats is hosting a number of workshops in Indianapolis, Carmel and Columbus to promote authentic Garba  Dance among juniors as well as other groups. Jenny and Suhrad Soni had worked together in Mumbai. This led to the visit of Suhard and party in Indianapolis for the first time.
SSGD re-establishes the genuine Garba folk dance in fusion with a touch of modern dance, to make this dance form even more delightful to perform  and enchanting to watch. SSGD director Suhrad Soni imparted basic as well as fine foot steps and body movements which dancing. The participants found Garba "interesting, entertaining, vibrant and energetic." As it was 'energy consuming' sufficient water breaks were given to the participants."
Ravinder Singh was the oldest participant. Her daughter Jasmine Singh also attended the workshop. The mother-daughter pair can be seen  participating a cultural activities. All participants were awarded certificates on completion of the course.
Encouraged by the response, Jenny Bhupatkar Chakrabarti said "we are having workshops on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in Beech Groove. On Friday and Saturday workshops will be organized in Carmel and Sunday in Columbus.
If anyone wish to register they can contact Bollywood Beats / Jenny Bhupatkar on 812-603-0177 or
 SSGD director Suhrad Soni said " I, along with my brother Jigar Soni, is the  co - founder of the world's largest Authentic  Garba School, known as the Soni's School of Garba Dance. SSGD have a presence in 25 cities in nine countries worldwide, including India, the USA, the United Kingdom and Ireland , Switzerland, the UAE, Oman and Singapore.
As members of the UNESCO - World Dance Council - the school now offers a graded course which is taught according to a structured syllabus.
In September 2017, Suhrad Soni along with his brother Jigar were awarded in the UK House of Commons ( Parliament House ) London, for their significant contribution towards promoting Authentic Garba globally.
Suhrad and Jigar have taught Garba to some of the biggest names, Including the  Bollywood superstar Salman Khan!
They have not only taught but performed Garba for the richest family in India, the Ambani's for the recent wedding of Akash Ambani.
Just few days ago, on September 12, their music video, the Garba Raas Anthem, "Radha Ne Shyam", with the one and only Dandiya Queen - Falguni Pathak was released. The video has been produced and choreographed by Soni's School of Garba Dance with Suhrad and Jigar as the Lead dancers, along with Falguni Pathak. The music is composed by Shail Hada, who is known for his work in Bollywood."

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