Countdown to Indianapolis 500 officially begins

May 03, 2018 10:31 AM

Punjab News Express/Balbir Singh
INDIANAPOLIS: Indianapolis could not be more proud of the Motor Speedway and all of the great excitment in the month of May, said Mayor Joe Hogsett while addressing the attendees at the Momument Circle here on the occassion of the 500 Festival Kickoff to May.
Mr Hogsett said "we officially begin today countdown of the days until we will run Indianapolis 500 miles race on May 27 and I am glad to have you all here to join us for the exciting spectacle of the racing."
The welcome ceremony began with remarks from Mayor Joe Hogsett, 500 Festival President and CEO Bob Bryant and Rob Hillman and Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles.
Mr Bob Bryant promised 'countless opportunities for all this month. For all Hoosiers to join us our celebrations of the spirit and the legacy of the Indianapolis 500."
Drawing attention towards Bob, Rob and Joe, Mr Doug Boles said "these three represent makes Indianapolis so special. We have organization like 500 Festival who is charged with really helping celebrate an unbelievable asset in the state of Indiana, the Indiana 500 not just on the race day but throughout the entire year. In fact May began with several weeks ago while it was still snowing."
The celebration commenced with the arrival of the Chevy FestivalCars, led by the 2018 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. The two-member Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Team ofAustin Zentmyer and Bill Nitschki diplaysed their daredevi performance while spinning, jumping and flipping into May and over the pace car in which Joe Hogsett and Bob Bryant were sitting.

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