Chandanpreet Singh's beard voted as one of the best

September 06, 2017 06:34 AM

Punjab News Express/Balbir Singh
INDIANAPOLIS: Napa Valley  Cricket Club congratulated its captain Amerrican Sikh Chandanpreet Singh whose beard was awarded one of the best in The Napa Valley by the Napa Valley Register recently in "World Beard Day"! All those nominated have attached significance to support beard.
The USA cricketer Chandanpreet is among 20 bearded persons nominated for the award. Besides Pamela Bright got honourable mention. Jaspreet Singh Buttar of American Canyon was another Sikh among the contestants. Tyler and Glenn Jackson are the father and son beard duo who were nominated.
Nominated by Michelle Singh, Chandanpreet Singh  has been quoted as saying ""I'm Sikh! Sikhs are from Northern India. We believe in one God and honor him through equality, acts of service and defending those who cannot defend themselves. We also do not cut our hair, instead keeping ourselves just as God made us."
Napa Valley Register quoted Jaspreet Singh Buttar of American Canyon as saying "A bearded man looks the same today as he did a thousand years ago, because that is how nature intended a man to be. Nature has a purpose and design for everything. So why do Sikhs adorn beards, why do I? It takes a unique courage to grow beard in this society. Every day a Sikh wakes up to a new reason to have a beard and new challenge to overcome our social norms. It requires strength to completely be separated from a crowd and yet maintain unity. My beard is a development of my higher self. The history of Sikhs is long and full of martyrs. My beard, is a constant reminder of who we are and what we stand for."
World Beard Day is held on the first Saturday of September. To honor this little known holiday, Napa Valley Register asked its readers to share photos of their beloved beards. "Thank you to all who submitted photos and nominated friends!:
"On World Beard Day, it is customary for the bearded members of a family to relax and partake in no jobs or chores. The beardless members of the family traditionally show their support by waiting on the bearded hand and foot. World Beard Day is all about promoting and elevating the global status of the the beard. Whilst many countries and cities practice World Beard Day customs specific to their own region, shaving on World Beard Day is universally considered to be highly disrespectful," according to worldbeardday.com.
Philip Kinzli of Napa has had his beard for 50 years."Want to honor my husband's beard. He also is known as the GNapa Gnome," says wife Suzanne Kinzli.
David Grega of Napa has had his beard for eight years. Every day is an opportunity to begin growing a beard...just saying." "Grave before shave," says Napa's Chris Peeler. It shows his devoted love for his beard.
John Abraham of Napa,who has been growing his beard for four years says  "Honor thine beard! Treat your beard well with good products and it will treat you well in return." He was nominated by Nora Abraham
Jonny Holder: Jonny Holder of Napa has been growing his beard off and on since he was a teen. "Stay bearded my friends!" His nominee is by Paul Pagliuso
Dave Goleno's daughters Oria, 11, and Avianna, 17, don't want him to cut the beard he's been growing for 10 months. "He looks like a really tough Dad," they said
Trevor Lyon of Napa has had his beard for 20 plus years. Nominated by Nicole Thomas  Tommy Conatser of Napa has had his beard for 5 years.Tyler and Glenn Jackson are the father and son beard duo. : Ezekiel Carlin of Napa has had his beard for four years. Nick Underwood of Napa has had his beard for 18 years.
 Freddie Espinoza of Napa has had a beard on and off for about 10 years. Shane Rogers of Napa has been sporting his beard for five years.Jacob Silva of Napa has had  his beard for more than 5 years. He has advised "To all my bearded brothers keep own growing and live bearded!."  
Lazaro Lugo: Napa. Nominated by Maria Cortez.Brandon Glenn, Napa."Keep Calm, Beard On!" -- Nominated by Ruth Glenn.Shawn Verduzco, Angwin.
Honorable Mention: Pamela Bright: "The winery I work at used to celebrate Halloween with a costume contest," said Pamela Bright of Napa. "I LOVE Halloween and that year I was inspired to show up as a gnome. I had a blast creating the costume and even more fun when I showed up to work because it took quite a while for my coworkers to recognize me!"

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