Taran Taran girl becomes first woman President of PU

September 07, 2018 01:57 PM

Punjab News Express/Sukhveer kaur Cheema
CHANDIGARH: Panjab University (PU) students created history on Thursady as they selected their first woman Panjab University Campus Students ’Council (PUCSC)President.

Kanupriya of the students for Society (SFS), a leftist Party, emerged victorious. She defeated her nearest rival Kanupriya who is from the MSC. Zoology department, polled 2802 votes while Rana who is from the university institute of Legal Studies(UILS), got 2,083 votes.

Ashish Rana of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, student's wing of the Bharatiya Janta Party(BJP) by a margin of 719 votes.

The students organisation of india(SOI) which is the student's wing of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) came third as its candidate Iqbal Preet Singh from the center for human rights and duties got 1,997 votes.

The NnationalSstudents Union of india NSUI, which is the students’ wing of the indian national congress (INC) had to bite the dust .its candidate Anuj Singh from the University Institute of chemical Egineering and Technology (UICET) came fourth in the content for the President‘s post with just 1,583 votes.

DALER SINGH a Geology student from the Indian Students Association (ISA) was leading right from the beginning and finally won by a margin of 928 he got 3,155 votes.

Pardeep Singh(Saharan) a student of the department of lws from the (NSUI), received 2,227 votes.

AMARINDER SINGH from the Indian National Students Organisation (INSO) emerged victorious as secretary. He received 2,742 votes.

ARUN KADYAN (NSUI) a student from Dental department got 2,409 the victory margin was 333 votes.

NSUI, Vipul Atray from UIET, won the joint secretary’s post. He polled 2,357 votes against UILS. Atray was the youngest student he is just 19 years old.

HEEMAT SHARMA from Haryana students association (HAS) who got 2,274 votes a the victory margin was the lowst at 83.

VOTING Percentage
Kanupriya (SFS) 2,802 Votes
Ashish Rana(ABVP)2,083
Iqbal preet singh (SOI)1,997
Anuj singh (NSUI)1,583
Ravinder Bir singh (PUSU)617
Nota 209

Daler singh (ISA) 3,155 votes
Pardeep singh (NSUI) 2,227
Harasees Chahal (SFPU)1,739
Hardik (LSU)958
Nota 667
(ISA) was part of (SOI) alliance and students for Punjab University (SFPU) was partner in ABVP-LED alliance.

Amrinder singh(INSO)2,742 votes
Arun Kdyan (NSUI)2,409
Sahil Jaglan (SFPU)2,180
Ankush Monga (PUSU):862
(INSO) was part of soi alliance and (SFPU) was part of ABVP coalition

NOTA 990
Vipul Atray (NSUI)2,357 votes
Hemat Sharma(HSA)2,274
Neeti Dhiman(HIMSU)2,072
Rohit singh Rana (HPSU)1,600
NOTA 879
(HSA) was part Of (ABVP) alliance .Himachal Students Union (HIMSU) was part of (SOI) alliance and Himachal Pradesh Students union (HPSU) was part of (PUSU) coalition
Voting% age
2018 :61.9

Presidents over years
2017 NSUI:Jashan Kamboj
2016 PUSU:Nishant Kaushal
2015 SOI: Jasmeen Kang
2014 NSUI:Divyanshu
2013 NSUI:Chandan Rana
2012 SOPU:Satinder Satti
2011 SOPU:Pushpinder Sharma
2010 PUSU:Gurvinder Aulakh

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