Symposium on “Sociology of youth: Modern influences that shape the youth’s psyche”

December 02, 2017 02:52 PM

Punjab News Express/Y.S.Rana
CHANDIGARH: The First Friday Forum, held a symposium of  intellectuals and thinkers on “Sociology of youth: Modern influences that shape the youth’s psyche.”

Dr SS Bhatti delivered a formal talk as part of its voice of youth lecture series. It was presented by Arunika Mishra, a young lawyer and founder of Social Redesign Organization which is provising alternate dynamic education to high-school students.

The focus of the talk was on deconstructing the various factors which shaped the outlook of 21st Century Indian Youth. The “Millennials” have not only brought about the information revolution but are also undergoing a massive shift of perception and reshaping of psychological models of the world around them.

The increasing in the number of depression cases, drug-abuse as well as online activism were directly connected to the spiraling sense of alienation and increasing need for immediate rewards, said Mishra.  The edgy competition only added to mental stress. There was no over emphasis on monetary superiority, fuelled by growing consumerism. The main culprit is an inadequate and outdated education system which was pre-information revolution based and criminally failed at equipping, said Dr Bhatti,

The symposium ended with a happy note succeeded in highlighting the importance of a better education system which has indoctrinated cooperation and responsibility, instead of competition and note learning.

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