Road safety will be a part of school curriculum in Chandigarh

October 27, 2018 11:01 AM

Punjab News Express/Y.S.Rana
CHANDIGARH: Worried over the rise in road accidents a sizeable number of which involves young. Children studying in government, aided and aided schools in Chandigarh will soon have road safety rules in their syllabus and learn lessons on road safety in their classrooms. Following directions of the Supreme Court, the Chandigarh Administration has given go-ahead to incorporate road safety rules in school syllabus.

While reaching out Mr S.K. Dahia, Director, State Council for Educational Research and Training, (SCERT), Chandigarh, said that road safety books were divided into three parts. First book is prepared for Class 3 to 5, second for Class 5 to 8 and third book for Class IX and X. Each book is containing around 90 pages. In this way each student would be taught about road safety rules for seven years. “The motive behind the initiative is to create awareness among school children from the young age,” says he.

Mr Dahia also revealed that the matter for these books has been worked out and prepared by the education department in association with the police department and the State Transport Authority (STA). It would be sent to the police department for vetting by Monday next, added he. The police department would print and distribute these books in the schools. City has 114 government schools, seven government aided schools and 65 private schools.     

Teachers will undergo a specialized capacity building training on road safety. Selected teachers will be considered as the master trainers. The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to introduce road safety in school curriculum in 2014.

 A senior official of the police department admitted that road accidents were on the rise in the city and several valuable lives have been lost in road accidents. A number of students became victims of road accidents due to carelessness and lack of knowledge about road safety rules. The department wants the students to know the road safety rules so that they can spread their knowledge among their family members and friends also, he hopes.

Official statistics suggest that there are more than 10 lakh vehicles in the city almost equal to its population. While around 4000 new vehicles are added every month. If this trend continues, the number of vehicles will surpass its population.  Around 60 per cent of registered vehicles are two wheelers which are susceptible to accidents.    

Parents of school going children welcomed the step and said that their kids needed to be given practical experience on road traffic issues. Schools must also make children play the role of traffic controller at least one hour in a week, suggested they

Books will contain information on violation of traffic rules and punishment for the same. Lessons on road safety which includes speed, overtaking and pedestrian safety Knowledge about emergency contacts during road mishaps, contacts of highway patrol. Besides, lessons on traffic signs, highway codes, road norms, traffic hazards and overall safety will be a part of road safety lessons.

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