Monday, July 13, 2020


Protest against disconnection of electricity meter of Youth Welfare Club Cooperative House Mohali by the PSPCL

MOHALI: An emergency meeting of the Youth Welfare | June 21, 2020 11:33 AM

MOHALI: An emergency meeting of the Youth Welfare Club Cooperative House  Building Society, Sector-79, Mohali (Youth Enclave Society) was called to assess the situation arisen on account of disconnection of electricity connection of the common area of the society under the chairmanship of the President.  

He has apprised that a team of officers consisting of Jatinder Singh, J.E-1, and Navpinder Singh, Linemen came to the society premises at 1.00 PM on 19.06.2020 and disconnect the electricity connection of the common area of the society by which the six lifts installed in the three blocks stopped and also caused stoppage of electricity connection street lights of the common area, basement etc.

He has further stated that no intimation from the PSPCL was received in any way such as electricity bill or massage on the mobile which was got registered with their office or through any kind of communication in this regard.  However, the said officers of PSPCL by enjoying  colorful exercise of their powers and without issuing any type of intimation to the society had disconnected the electricity connection.  When the said officers started disconnection of electricity of the common area, the inhabitants/residents of the society had made repeated request to them to give at least one day to the society to clear the outstanding bill of electricity.

The said officers did not pay any heed to the request of the present residents and started disconnecting the electricity connection.  It is also worthwhile to mention here that once few old respectable persons including ladies made a humble request to them to give at least one hour to call the Members of  Managing Committee to come to pay the outstanding dues of their department but they started using abusive language to them. It is further stated that when the Members of Committee went to the PSPCL office to get the generated bill, it was found that the due date for making payment by cash or online was 29.06.2020 whereas the connection of society.  

It is also relevant to mention here that since the badly affected Crona period is going on  which is causing danger to the humanity and also created financial hardship to all section of the society, however the said officers without giving any time or any intimation or without issuing bill to the society had disconnected the electricity connection which was a wrongful action on their part.  It is a settled law under the principal of natural justice that without giving any opportunity, no adverse action can be taken against any one. However in the present case, neither any bill was issued nor any intimation to any member of the Managing Committee, the said officers disconnects the electricity connection.

In the light of the position depicted above we the residents of the society vehemently condemn the said willful/colourful action on the part of the said officers of the PSPCL and request the PSPCL to take stern action against the said officers who had violated all the reasonable norms by not giving any intimation to deposit the outstanding dues and disconnect the electricity connection and the other directions/principles laid down by the apex courts from time to time to save the people from the clutches/ mental agony.

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