Kilogram clothing a new concept in chandigarh

March 24, 2017 12:31 PM

Punjab News Express/ Y.S.Rana
CHANDIGARH: In our school days we were taught different measurements for different commodities such as kilograms, meters, yards, liters, pieces, dozen etc. But now the weights and measurements have been changed. In a number of cases items which were sold in dozens are now being sold in kilograms.

Surprisingly, a new concept "kilogram clothing" which one have never heared is making inroads in city. A showroom of deals in clothes has prominently displayed a signboard "now clothes at the rate of Rs 600 kg." While talking to the shopkeeper said that it was a business trick and resulted in brisk sale. He further says it is completely dependent on the type of cloth and the fabric used to make it. Even towels are being sold in kilogram instead of per piece cost.

A collegue the other day purchased two apple for Rs 60 at Kisan Mandi in Sector 49 that means an apple cost him Rs 30. If the cost of one dozen apple is Rs 250 then in that case an apple would cost him around Rs 20, he says. but fears that carrot, peas may not be sold in dozen.

At government level laws, statutes and codes would have to take new system into account. Setting standards and dimensions would have to be reworked and GenX will teach new concept of measurement. Laws relating to things like fruits, length of thread on spools and size of butter would have to be altered.

The metric system in weight and measures was adopted by the Indian Parlaiment in December, 1856 with the standards of weights and measures Act. Hence, the Chandigarh Administration's weight and measures department should take note of this (mal) practice which is becoming a tool in hands of seller to fleece the consumers.

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