Jaswant Rana panel sweeps Chandigarh Press club elections

March 26, 2017 10:45 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: Jaswant Rana of Rawat-Handa panel was elected as the President of the Chandigarh Press Club, Sector 27 for the second consecutive year by defeating Tarlochan Singh of Punjabi Tribune by a margin of 144 votes, in an elections held today at Press club.

All nine members Jaswant Rana of Rawat-Handa panel won the elections. As many total 507 votes were polled.

Barinder Rawat of Danik Bhaskar became secretary general after defeating Akash Ghai of The Tribune, while Saurabh Duggal of Hindustan Times was elected Senior Vice president by defeated Nalin Acharya of Him Prabha. Monica Sharma of Hindustan Times was elected Vice president ( woman) after defeating Ruby of AAj Samaj, Rajinder Nagarkoti of The Tribune was elected as vice President, who defeated Amarnath of Danik Tribune, Sanjay Malhotra of PTC news was elected as secretary after defeated Jagtar Singh of Bhullar of Zee media. KS Rana of Punjab Kesri was elected joint secretary (1), defeated Archana Sethi of Danik Bhaskar, Neha Sharma of Times of India bagged the post of Joint secretary (2) and defeated Sanjay Kurl of Punjab Kesri, while Ramesh Handa of Punjab Kesri was elected as treasurer and defeated Sanjeev Mahajan of Danik Bhaskar.

Total number of votes – Polled -507

Jaswant Rana- 325 votes
Tarlochan Singh- 181 votes
Margin- 144
Rejected- 1 vote

Secretary General
Barinder Rawat- 280 votes
Akash Ghai- 219 votes
Rejected- 8 votes

Senior Vice president
Saurabh Duggal- 290 votes
Nalin Acharya- 207 votes
Margin- 83 votes
Rejected -5

Vice President ( woman)
Monica Sharma- 344 votes
Ruby -167 votes
Margin- 167 votes
Rejected -6

Vice President
Rajinder Nagarkoti -350 votes
Amarnath- 148 votes
Margin- 202 votes
Rejected -3

Sanjay Malhotra- 274 votes
Jagtar Singh Bhullar- 222 votes
Margin -52 votes
Rejected – 11

Joint secretary ( 1)
KS Rana- 263 votes
Archana Sethi- 232 votes
Margin- 32 votes
Rejected – 12

Joint secretary – ( 2)
Neha Sharma- 313 votes
Sanjay Kurl- 183 votes
Margin- 130 votes
Rejected- 11

Ramesh Handa- 274 votes
Sanjeev Mahajan- 229 votes
Margin – 45
Rejected- 4

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