IT/ITES major thrust sector for employment generation in Chandigarh—study states

August 12, 2017 09:29 AM

Punjab News Express/Y.S. RANA
CHANDIGARH : Information Technology/ITES sector is a major thrust sector for employment generation in the city. It is revealed in a study on “Human resource and skill requirement: Chandigarh” for (2017-2022) conducted by the National Skill Development Centre (NSDC). The survey report of six Union Territories has been released on August 10.
The study states that based on EY estimates, the city will have an incremental human resource requirement of approximately 60,078 people in next five years.
During the youth survey in Chandigarh, overall 237 youth were surveyed across 13 learner segments. The sectors and job roles have been identified as per youth aspiration mapped in the survey. Maximum youth preferred IT/ITES as job roles followed by general engineering; healthcare; automotive; food processing and tourism and hospitality.
In the next five years incremental human resource requirement for Chandigarh will be 60,078 while the incremental human resource supply shall be 19,881 thus indicating a demand surplus of approximately 40,197 people, states the study. Surplus in demand will be met through in migration of workers, skill training and counseling of youth, says the study.
The workforce in 2017 for the city is estimated to 2,92,941 which will increase by 60,078 and ultimately reach to 3.53 lakh by2022. While talking to Mr Bikram Rana, Nodal Officer, Higher Education, Chandigarh who was involved in the study said that study was conducted to understand the geographical and sector-wise skill requirements which could influence and enable the skill environment in the city.
He further said that the data was collected through extensive primary research included youth with a sample size of 270 youth and 20 industries and key stakeholders. “The Administration is forming its skill development mission, the findings are quite relevant to policy intervention and future course of action,” says Mr Rana.
Approximately 3.16 lakh people between the age group of 15 to 64 years are part of the labour force in Chandigarh. The total labour force is expected to increase by 19,881 in 2022 thereby reaching to a total 3.36 lakh.
As per Census 2011, city has population of 10.54 lakh. The decadal growth rate of `population is 17.10 per cent. The estimated workforce for 2017 and 2022 will be 2.92 lakh and 3.53 lakh respectively.
Mr Rana further disclosed that the mission would give an advertisement calling for partners-private as well as government institutes for different job roles to skill the youth. They would be given target and paid as per criteria decided by the Ministry of Skill Development, stated Mr Rana. EOM

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