High Court order developer of Shiwalik Avenue, Sector 125 to provide ameneties within 2 months

May 12, 2017 10:56 AM

Punjab News Express
MOHALI: Punjab and Haryana Court has ordered the Managing Director Mr Amardeep Singh Heera M/s Shiwalik Site Planners Pvt. Ltd., to provide basis amenities to the residents of Shiwali Avenue, Sector 125, Greater Mohali within two months.

From last many years basic amenities like Permanent Electricity, Sewerage, Mandir, Roads, Security, Water supply, etc. were not provided to Shiwalik Avenue by the developer. The resident of this area has been protesting for the same from last many years. But the developer has not bothered by it.

But justice to residents of this colony has been provided by High Court which has set a benchmark for everybody that if developer or builder after taking a licence from Government develop colonies and don't provide essential amenities, then the court can take legal action against the developer.

The petitioner of the case were:
1. Smt. Baljit Kaur (aged 60 years) wife of Shri A.S. Mdaan, a resident of 202/A, Shiwalik Avenue, Sector 125, Mohali.
2. Savita Rani (aged 52 years) wife of Shashi Kant Baghla, Flast 17-A, Shiwalik Avenue, Sector 125 Mohali
3. Ramandeep (aged 37 years) wife Shri Vivek, Flat No. 151-A, Shiwalik Avenue, Sector 125, Mohali.
4. Sanjay Mehta (42 years) son of late Shri Surinder Mehta, a resident of 150/A, Shiwalik Avenue, Sector 125, Mohali.

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