From frypan into the fire--find themselves SSA volunteer teachers of Chandigarh

February 17, 2017 10:24 AM

Punjab News Express/Y.S.RANA
CHANDIGARH  : Those who played key role in bringing children of beggars and underprivileged sections of society to the classroom and contibuted their bit in the literacy percentage found themselves out of the frying pan into the fire. Forty-six SSA volunteers who were shown door in October last year after 14 years of service again rushed to the education department, Chandigarh to meet the senior officials. These volunteers had also worked at Rs 289 per month.
An order from the Home Department, Chandigarh, dated February 7, 2017 was issued and permission was granted to schools mentioned therein to fill up part time 'nursery ayas' through outsourcing at rate of Rs 5902 per month after following proper procedure. Talking to some of them told Daily Post that they approached the schools concerned for joining but the schools authorites refused to join them on the plea that no letter has been issued to them.
They further stated that earlier they were tagged at volunteer teacher now have been 'degraded' to nursery Ayas. "We are supposed to teach or to take care of children," said one of them. On the other, they also revealed that while they were SSA teachers they were being paid Rs 6000 per month but now the emoluments have been reduced to Rs 5902 per month.
Neha who is B.A. B.Ed and MA in English has been teaching as SSA teacher since 2014 now being asked to work as nursery teacher. Some of these voluntters are qualified for teaching but vide cited order they would be nursery Ayas!
Notably, on the hand, the principal of GMSSS, Sector 23-A had written a letter to the M/s Gretis India Limited, Zirakpur to provide one nursery Ayas for her school vide letter dated February 11, 2017 while the order of the Home Department included the name this school to appoint one nursery Ayas from the SSA volunteers. Neither education department officials nor principals of the schools were accomodative and on one pretext to other they are being denied joining.
These volunteers have shown the door on the plea that no scope to share the liability from the state budget on account of salary. Sunita Bakshi said that they have been working under SSA project since 2003 and went door to door to impress upon the parents to send their children to schools. But now again they were surprised over the behaviour meted out to them, she said. It seems that all this exercise was done to accomodate their own people and they were being 'forced' back to their homes, she said.
The official of the education department when contacted did not give plausible reply but said, "pardeh mein rehine do."

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