Dance Mafia promoted health, fitness among residents with the message Live in the real world

August 21, 2017 10:38 AM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH : Dance Mafia organized flash mob at sector- 17 plaza to Build awareness as well as educating residents to live in the real world instead of virtual life .Health, fitness promoted among residents based on healthy and nutritious life instead wasting time on phone, video games or PSPO. The participants gave the messages to Eat Healthy, adopt dancing habit, Stop Smoking, Manage Blood Pressure, Get Active. They m also made residents aware to understand how they can energize their hearts and make their lives longer through the activities of flash mob.
Later, fitness activities were conducted while explaining lifestyle of nowadays which is active & hectic but there is lack of exercise and dance activities, which leads to several health issues including obesity. Lack of physical work not only physically impact but also leads to depression and drug addiction too. Residents were later, motivated to learn dancing to get into Shape over fast food. The event motivated people to rethink what they choose to eat and to adopt healthy eating habits and become food smart families. Gifts were also distributed to the residents to create awareness about how to save heart.
Choreographer Ripan preet Sidhu motivated residents to adopt dance over virtual life & eat better and take better care of themselves. She further added that Dancing is entertaining and healthy way to be fit and fiddle .Fruit and vegetable should be increased along with exercise, Dance and physical activities for healthy life.

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