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COVID-19 is the best time to connect people with their roots

April 04, 2020 12:46 PM

CHANDIGARH: While these days everyone is in isolation across the world, Dr P.C Sharma an eminent museologist-cum-environmentalist, has an answer to cope with boredom and a few countries have taken steps in this direction. Rightly stuck at home when local galleries and museums  are closed, virtual tours are the best time to connect present Gen-X with its  root, feels Dr P. C Sharma. COVID-19 can have many issues beyond adequate food and supply. As for entertainment, it also probably means one is in for more of boredom, a lot of browsing the internet. But there is a way out to get a chance to browse through the incredible and rich ancient heritage of India.

Dr Sharma suggested that through virtual tours one can discover incredible and rich heritage of art, culture, architecture, biodiversity, biology, ecology, Geololy, Ealaeontology and other artifacts of immense heritage value and which could feed one’s need to acquit ant with the past.

While people are advised as a preventive measure to break the chain of transmission, , disrupting daily life of people across the globe, some countries have been taking digital initiatives and compiling the best online resource materials from artists, museums and galleries to satisfy one’s creative cravings, reveals Dr Sharma.   One can search materials by artist or heritage places including museums of a particular country or browse through local area as well.      

Google is providing arts and cultural platform which has digital documentation of more than 1200 international institutions. It contains from virtual tours to high definition images of works from collections and one can get lost for hours on the site for seekin valueable and educational material.  Heritage of importance included on the platform the big names like Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New York and Uffizi Gallery in Florence as well.

If heritage is more one’s thing, we can have range of cultural and monumental sites one can explore online. One can choose from bucket-list locations to five UNESCO World Heritage sites under threat from climate change The Website accompanying texts with information about the endangered landmarks.

Virtual tours due to the COVID-19 and can be fortuitously timed nonetheless. Most popular museums in the world has an excellent online access of ways to enjoy the space without physically reach, said Dr Sharma and added that one could delve deep into museum’s spaces and sites through virtual tours and even could click on the objects on display for a close-up view and got detailed information about the work of art.

Indeed  great exhibitions and visits to museums and heritage places have been  compulsorily shut down as a precaution but one can be able to capture the expositions and be experienced through digital media and virtual tours, suggested Dr Sharma.

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