Accused of Rs.10 lakh theft in Sai Temple in Chandigarh arrested

July 03, 2017 04:10 PM

Punjab News Express/Kulbir Singh Kalsi
CHANDIGARH: The Chandigarh police has arrested the accused who committed theft in the Sai temple in Sector 29 here on the night of June 30,2017.

The accused indentified as Amarjit Singh alias Sonu and one of his accomplice had entered the temple through window of first floor and stolen away the cash worth Rs.10 lakhs and also damaged the CCTV cameras. The accused was devotee of Sai Baba and a regular visitor in temple for the last eight years.

The police said that on July 1, on the basis of technical analysis of tower data near Sai Mandir, Sector-29, Chandigarh, under the supervision of DSP Operations and I/C Operations Cell, six teams of Operations Cell, were constituted to crack the Sai Mandir, Sector-29, burglary case FIR No. 159 dated 30.06.2017, U/s 457, 380 IPC, PS-Ind. Area and worked round the clock to develop the information.

On secret information a Naka was laid down near T-Point Community Centre, Sector-29, Chandigarh and two persons were apprehended in Alto Car bearing No. CH01-AG-6980. On interrogation driver disclosed his name as Amarjit Singh @ Sonu S/o Narinder Pal Singh, R/o # 638, Sector 29, Chandigarh and other person disclosed his name as Ajay S/o Raj Kumar, R/o # 842, Village Kajheri, Sector-52, Chandigarh.

Thieves took many precautions to hide their identity as he covered his face with mask and damaged the CCTV installed in the Mandir. But Police overcame all these obstacles and nabbed them within 36 hours. Both the accused have been arrested in the Burglary case and the stolen amount of Rs. 3,47,062/- recovered from their possession. A Toy Airgun has also been recovered from their possession.

During the course of interrogation suspect Amarjit @ sonu disclosed that he had a mobile shop at Kajheri and had a big loss in his business and also disclosed that he is a regular visitor of Sai temple sec 29, chd for the last 7-8 years. He planned to steal the money from the Dan Patrra of the above temple because being a regular visitor he knew about the topography o f the temple. On 23.06.2017, he purchased two SIMs from Burail on the basis of fake identity and also arranged two mobile sets.

On 28.06.2017 he planned with co-accused Ajay about the theft and also made a Racky at and around the temple and also planned how to enter and exit in temple. On 29/30.06.2017 night he along with co-accused Ajay reached at the spot as per their pre planned and Sonu entered in the temple by breaking open the window of first floor of the temple and after entering in the temple he also brushed the CCTV cameras with the black paint and wear the plastic katta (gown) to cover his identity and also wear the monkey cap on his face and gloves in hands. After that as per planned he breaking open the Dan Patrra with the hammer and stolen the maximum uncounted money and gone back from the same way and called his co-accused by the mobile phone or fake SIM specially purchased for the crime. After committing the theft both the accused went to Sonu’s house and kept the stolen money in Alto Car No. CH01-AG-6980.

It has also found that the mobile phones and SIMs used in crime by the suspect/thieves have been purchased on 23.06.2017 on fake Identity (Voter Card). The team of Operations Cell is also trying to search the owner of documents (Voter Card) produced by the suspect/thieves to purchased the SIMs.

The Court has remanded all the accused in Police Custody up to 03.07.17 to recover the crime tools i.e. Hammer, Cutter, Gloves, Plastic Katta and vehicle Activa used in burglary. The further investigation of the case is in progress.

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