A symposium on "PR & Media : An Interface" organized by PRSI Chandigarh Chapter on the occasion of 41st National PR Day

April 22, 2018 06:16 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: "Mutual relations between public relations practitioners and media are very old, warm, incomparable and resolute and complementary relations with each other are always beneficial for the society. In the modern era PR personnel will have to be more responsive, alert and punctual to exhibit their required performance for a successful professional approach". These views were expressed by former IAS and eminent speaker Vivek Atray, senior journalist and editor of Babushahi news website Baljit Balli and P.K Khurana chairman of Quick Relations Pvt Ltd during a symposium organized by the Chandigarh chapter of Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) at the 41st National PR Day at the Chandigarh Press Club.
Delivering thoughts during the symposium on "PR & Media : An Interface" the speakers were of the view that the with the increasing influence of social media and technological advancements, public relations personnel needs to be more acquainted with new developments and their feedback system should have to be more effective to survive in the fittest.
While expressing his views Vivek Atray said exchange of information in the present era and habit of sharing the information earliest has increased the responsibility of media and PR manifold because the information given in a hurry is forwarded freely without taking the burden of being tested, verifiable or true. "So that both parties may have to take a risk in the event of wrong reporting of that information," he added.
Presenting his views, Baljit Balli said the scope of PR in comparison to media is more massive, multi-pronged and responsible whether it is being done by government or private PR agencies. He candidly said even journalists' have to do PR while scouting for special stories in government offices but PR professionals are playing multi-pronged role at realm of every field. "And with the increasing trend of social media, duties of PR personnel have become responsible and more efficient than before," he stressed.
During deliberations, P.K. Khurana has clearly stated that PR personnel were never a part of anti media and nor has been working to hide any information by concealing the facts. "Even PR people have been closely working with media as a bridge to propagate the information for the general public by becoming a supplement and a collaborator of the media," he added.
In his inaugural address PRSI, Chandigarh Chapter Chairman Harjeet Singh Grewal Deputy Director Punjab PR department announced that the chapter would be present 'best public relations practitioner', 'best public relations agency' and 'best public relations teacher' as annual awards from next PR day onwards. PRSI vice chairman K.R. Kaplash thanked everyone.
On the occasion PRSI Chandigarh Chapter has also organised its annual general meeting in which progress report and accounts of the last two years have been presented. It was also decided to appoint returning officer and assistant returning officer for its ensuing general elections to be held in June this.

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