Chandigarh education department fairest to fair sex

January 18, 2017 11:04 AM

Punjab News Express/Y. S. RANA
CHANDIGARH : Teachers form the third largest workforce among white-collared employees. While gender inequalities prevail in the Administration, a point to reflect is that Chandigarh seems to be fairest to fair sex in one matter if the data of female teachers in government schools is of any indication. Female constitutes 45 per cent of total city’s population, has 82 per cent teachers in Chandigarh government schools. Fair sex fairs well at primary and upper levels in education across the country.
According to official data, city has 82 per cent of female teachers compared to national average of 47.16 per cent. It is also admitted in a nation-wide database on elementary education-- unified district information education system (U-DISE) 2014-15 states that Chandigarh has the highest percentage of female teachers (82 per cent) in government schools.
There are 3600 teachers of general category; 850 OBC and 760 scheduled castes in government schools of Chandigarh. City has no teacher belonging to scheduled tribe. City has also lowest numbers of schools in rural areas (18 schools).
Of these, number of female teachers is over 3700. On the other, in case of lecturers as on July, 2016, city has 398 lecturers in government senior secondary schools and of these only 72 are male teachers. The official of the education department said that the females started outnumber their counterparts when government launched ‘Operation Blackboard’ reserving 50 per cent jobs in schools for females.
Chandigarh has over 13 lakhs population and male constitutes 55 per cent and females 45 per cent. Average literacy rate of the city is nearly 90 per cent. Chandigarh has 115 government schools with a total strength of students over 1.54 lakhs.
Notably, Haryana and Punjab which are among the lowest sex ratio till recent past in the country have better percentage of female teachers. Female teacher percentage in Punjab is 52.18 per cent compared to 72.46 per cent in Haryana. While neighbouring state Himachal Pradesh has 35.59 per cent female teachers and less than 10 per cent teachers belong to scheduled tribe in the State.
While talking to a retired principal Mr Gian Chand reason behind more female teachers in government schools said that considering the social factors education is the most acceptable profession for girls. Female teachers have a more positive and professional attitude than their male counterparts, he added.

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