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World Sikh Environment Day Celebrated at Khalsa University

March 15, 2017 03:51 PM

Punjab News Express
AMRITSAR : With the help from EcoSikh, an NGO working for environment protection and awareness, the World Sikh Environment Day was today celeberated at Khalsa University campus. The students of the varsity and faculty members took the pledge to work for saving the fragile environment from the challenges of degerdation.

EcoSikh chief coordinator and Khalsa College Governing Council joint secretary Gunbir Singh who said that conservation of the environment was most important in the present scenario when the human being are playing havoc with the environment by over exploitation of the natural resources.

He said that environment protection is the basic to the Sikh philosophy as the Gurus have much significance to cleanliness and saving the mother earth. ``We motivate the religious, social and academic institutions to join hands for protection of environment and plant trees on this day’’, said Gubir Singh explaining how Gurdwaras were being involved by their NGO to take part in the campaign for protection of environment throughout the world.

Khalsa University, Registrar Dr. JS Dhillon said the teachers and the students were sensitized to take the poledge to plant maximum number of saplings in the day to come. A quize competitoion was also organized on the ocasiosn and the university students recited poems and songs to highlight the plight of the environment degerdation.

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