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Seminar on Clouds and Virtualisation at RBU

September 20, 2018 02:39 PM

Punjab News Express
MOHALI: The Rayat Bahra University School of Engineering organised a one-day seminar on “Clouds and Virtualisation”.

Speakers on the occasion said virtualization software allows one physical server to run several individual computing environments. In practice, it's like getting multiple servers for each physical server you buy. This technology is fundamental to cloud computing. Cloud computing, is an umbrella term that encompasses virtualization.

One of the biggest advantages of virtualisation is that you can significantly reduce capital expenditure because you can run multiple virtual servers on fewer physical servers. This also enables you to use your servers more efficiently by making better use of available resources and capacity. As a result you’ll need less power consumption to carry out your tasks and can lower your energy costs as well.

They said that one of the biggest attractions of cloud computing is cost efficiency. Locating your system in the cloud means that you do not need to invest heavily in creating your own data centre, so there is a much reduced initial expenditure than with traditional technology. This includes the cost of premises, hardware and HR. In addition, cloud computing reduces licensing fees, storage costs and expenses associated with software updates.

A team from the cloud Wizard – Amazon Web Services comprising Pushkar Verma, Director, Speaker of AWS Technology, Shailendra Mishra, AWS Education Consultant, and Ambika Sharma, Event and Training Coordinator, enriched the students with their technical and on the job knowledge.

The University Kaizen Technical Club students managed and organised the seminar. The event started with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.  Students gained and learnt concepts of cloud directly from the AWS team which captures the biggest part of cloud market.

 University Dean of Engineering Dr Goel proposed a vote of thanks to the guests.

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