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Satyajit Majithia unanimously re-elected as President of Historic KCGC

June 30, 2018 04:58 PM

Punjab News Express
AMRITSAR: Khalsa College Governing Council (KCGC) general house today re-elected its new executive body unanimously for the next five years. Satyajit Singh Majithia was re-elected as President for third consecutive term time while Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina was re-elected as honourary secretary of historic Council for the fourth time. The Council members also retained Rajmohinder Singh Majitha as Chancellor, Lakhbir Singh Lodhinangal as Rector while former Majitha MLA Swinder Singh Kathunangal was elected as its vice President.

The 12-member executive body had most of old faces retained. The only addition was the election of Jatinder Singh Brar as new additional honourary secretary. Gunbir Singh was re-elected as Joint Secretary (Finance), Nirmal Singh as Joint Secretary (Buildings) Ajmer Singh as Joint Secretary (Legal), Jagdish Singh, Joint Secretary (Religious), Sardul Singh Mannan, Joint Secretary (Aided Schools).

Harminder Singh Freedom was elected as Joint Secretary (Public Schools), Kartar Singh Gill, Joint Secretary (Agriculture Education) and Rajbir Singh as Joint Secretary (Farms and Dairy. The meeting of the 100-member general house of the KCGC, which is running historic Khalsa College and 17 other colleges and schools was held in highly peaceful and congenial manner following the `Ardas’ at College Gurdwara Sahib.

As soon as the name of Mr. Satyajit Singh Majithia was proposed the house broke into slogans of `Bole-so-Nihal’ and he was elected President by the voice vote. He later selected his executive members who were approved by the general house. Majithia who is President of `influential management’ since 2004 had to his credit opening new professional colleges and widespread development of infrastructure. He thanked the House for reposing their faith in him as President once again. He said his team of dedicated members had been working tirelessly for the progress and development of the educational institutions catering to the education need of the society.

The KCGC is running 18 educational institutions including historic Khalsa College and other professional Colleges and schools in northern India. ``Our students are excelling not only in the academic field but in sports and promotion of culture and heritage too’’, said Chhina who is secretary for the fourth term now. Her said their aim is to open a Medical College for which the ground work is being done. The management had set up Khalsa University but the Act relating to same was repealed by the Congress government and the matter is sub-judice, said Chhina. He also thanked the members and especially Majithia for showing faith in his abilities to run the KCGC affairs as its secretary.

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