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10 Books Sure to Enhance your MU OET Preparation

March 23, 2018 03:40 PM

Most of you who are planning to undertake MU OET exam this year or in the upcoming year might have got indulged in the preparation cycle or might be looking for some quality sources to begin your preparations.Narrowing down on the booklist for exam preparation is a challenging task for students but a crucial one. While, at the same time, one must refer to at least 2 books and not more for gaining clarity on a particular topic.

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Well, to save your time and let you focus more on your preparation rather than auxiliary things we have done the brainstorming and have listed down ten best books that can enhance your performance in the upcoming MU OET 2018 exam.Let’s take a look at the top 10 books for MU OET 2018 exam that would surely enhance your preparation and boost your score in the exam.

  1. 1.    Concepts of Physics Volume I

The book has become synonymous with Physics preparation for engineering entrance exam. It covers the topic right from the basics to the advanced conceptual level and tests students’ through various questions and unsolved numerical.Volume I covers concept related to Mechanics, rotational physics, hydraulics, planetary motions, etc and puts forward questions that require conceptual clarity and understanding on the part of students.

Author/Publisher: H.C. Verma

Rating:  8/10

  1. 2.    Concepts of Physics Volume ll

The book is a second volume in the two-part series for Physics by H.C. Verma and carries on from where the volume 1 lefts. It covers chapters from areas like electrostatics, electricity, semiconductors to nuclear fusion, fission, relativity etc.

Author/Publisher: H.C. Verma

Rating:  8/10

  1. 3.    Modern’s ABC of Chemistry

It is one of the best books for building concepts in Chemistry. It covers all the aspects related to Chemistry of 10+2 level. For someone looking for a source to begin from scratch than this book is the best possible source to begin.

The book is divided into sections namely organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, surface chemistry and the chapters are arranged accordingly in these sections. The book serves a dual purpose of serving the needs of competitive entrance exams as well as the demands of class 12th board’s exam.

Author/Publisher: Modern Publisher

Rating:  9/10

  1. 4.    Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry

Aligned on the lines of new pattern and types of questions asked in the competitive exams from the subject the book has become a popular pick for competitive students. The book addresses the need of competitive exams in a comprehensive and detailed manner and exposes students to questions that test conceptual depth and understanding abilities of students in the subject.

Author/Publisher: O.P Tandon

Rating:  8.4/10

  1. 5.    Plane Trigonometry Part-I and II

The very fact that famous Indian Mathematician Ramanujan referred to and mastered this book during early years of his life speaks volume about the creditability of the book as a reference for students. The book covers all the dimensions from where a question can be raised under the ambit of Plane trigonometry.  The comprehensive and in-depth analysis presented by the book is a guiding light for students in the subject.

Author/Publisher:  Sidney LuxtonLoney

Rating:  8.8/10

  1. 6.    IIT Mathematics for JEE

A quality source for competitive exam preparation in regards to Mathematics for competitive exams. Though, the title of the book links it to the IIT, it covers the subject in a manner such that the needs of all the competitive exams are seen addressed. The wide variety of questions and quality explanations brings a treat for learners who aim at learning and improving their skills in mathematical problem-solving.

Author/Publisher:  M.L. Khanna

Rating:  9/10

  1. 7.    Higher Algebra

The book is a good source for preparing algebra-related questions (under the ambit of mathematics) that are asked in the competitive examination. The complex domains of algebra like matrices, determinants, Complex numbers etc. are dealt in holistically in a comprehensive fashion to lend a firm grip on the topic. Quality and variety of question are also appreciable.

Author/Publisher: Hall and Knight

Rating:  7.8/10

  1. 8.    Problems in General Physics

It is a good book for testing your preparation level and at the same time testing your conceptual clarities in the domain of General physics. A good problem-solving approach and detailed explanations are key features of the book. Candidates can opt for this book to take sectional tests and topic-wise assessment.

Author/Publisher: I.E. Irodoy

Rating:  7.5/10

  1. 9.    Objective General English

Considering the fact that the MU OET 2018 exam would test the candidates for their ability in the English language the book becomes an important part of your preparations. The book offers good quality questions that test grammatical soundness and vocabulary of the candidate to the tune of the level of the questions asked at the exam. The book is divided into four parts and addresses the need of developing reading, writing, and oral competency required for tackling the questions from English section in the examination.

Author/Publisher: Arihant

Rating:  8.8/10

10. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination

A popular book for examination that tests candidates for aptitude related abilities and skills. This is a ready reference guide for not only engineering entrance but also for many government recruitment exams like SSC CGL, CHSL etc. Comprehensive coverage and exhaustive question coverage is the USP of the book

Author/Publisher: R.S. Aggarwal


Rating:  9.5/10

The list of books mentioned here would surely guide you to excel the MU OET 2018 examination with comprehensive scores in all the sections namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General English, and Aptitude.

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