Punjab orders E-commerce sites to stop selling E-cigarettes

January 23, 2016 08:53 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: On the directions of Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jiyani, State Tobacco Control Cell, Punjab has issued notices to various E-Commerce sites which were violating the Drugs and Cosmetics Act with impunity by openly selling unapproved drugs like E- Cigarettes.

Commissioner FDA Mr.Hussan Lal disclosed that E Commerce sites have been sent notices to immediately stop selling E-Cigarettes. Court cases have been initiated in districts Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur and S.A.S Nagar against vendors selling E- Cigarettes. The cases have been registered under various sections of Drugs and Cosmetics Act as Nicotine was tested positive in all the cases. He added that Punjab was the first state in the country where E-Cigarettes have been declared as “unapproved drug” by State Drug Controller, Punjab since 2013.

E- Cigarettes are Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) devices which contain Nicotine in chemical form which is a highly lethal and addictive chemical under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, Nicotine is allowed to be manufactured only as Nicotine Gum/Lozenges 2mg & 4mg. Every other product which contains Nicotine is unapproved. This is important as minors and youth are easily buying these addictive and potentially lethal products. Nicotine in chemical form if ingested accidently by children can be fatal. E- Cigarettes are available in different attractive flavours like strawberry, chocolate, etc. that lure the youth towards them. Nicotine has also been declared as “poison” under Rules framed by Punjab under Poison Act. So the violators can also be booked under Poison Act.

Dr.Rakesh Gupta, State Programme Officer, State Tobacco Control Cell, Punjab added that implementation of Drugs and Cosmetics Act/ Food Safety & Standard Act of India and COTPA is being monitored monthly at State by Ms Vini Mahajan, Principal Secretary Health & Family Welfare and at District Level by Deputy Commissioners. Action of Punjab Govt. against E-Cigarettes have been recognized at International/National Level. Recently an Advisory against usage of E- Cigarettes was published to make people aware about there hazards. He added that some of the manufacturers are making unsubstantiated claims that E-Cigarettes are helpful in di-addiction which has been proven wrong by scientific studies.

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