Jio customer base risen to 13.86 crores, Reliance incurred loss of 271 crores

October 14, 2017 02:15 PM

Punjab News Express
CHANDIGARH: The Jio network of Reliance which created a history of largest customer base in telecom sector in India is adding up more customers but it is proving costly for the company. At the end of the quarter ending September 2017, the Jio has incurred a loss of Rs. 271 crores while its customer size has swallon to 13.86 crores.

According to a statement of the Jio Reliance, more than 40.2 lakh customers have shifted to other networks during this quarter and 190.5 lakh (1.90 crores) new customers have joined the network. This means durign the last quarter about 150 lakh (1.50 crores)new customers were added.

During the September quarter the standalone revenue for Reliance Jio stood at Rs 6,147.06 Crores for second quarter. In the first quarter since Reliance Jio started charging for its services, it accumulated Rs 7,197.08 crore as value of services. The company paid services tax/ GST to the tune of Rs 1050.02 crore during the second quarter of financial year 2017-18. The company had registered positive trend in the first quarter after closing the free data service.

At the end of the last quarter, Reliance Jio registered Average Revenue per User (ARPU) of Rs 156.4 per subscriber every month.

During the third qyarter the Jio customers have used total wireless data traffic of 378 crore GB during the second quarter of current financial year, whereas the average voice traffic during the same period at 267 crore minutes every day. The company have posted highest per capita data consumption at 9.62 GB for each user and 178 crore hours of high speed data consumption every month.

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